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Services covered by Healthy Smiles Ontario

Healthy Smiles Ontario is a free dental program for children and youth 17 and under.Good oral health is important to the overall health of children and youth.It's very important to start seeing a dentist when your child is 12 months old and to keep going regularly.Healthy Smiles Ontario covers regular check﹣ups,preventive care and treatment.With Healthy Smiles Ontario you can prevent oral health problems before they start!

Getting registered

Who is eligible(符合条件)

Children and youth 17 and under may be eligible if:

They are residents(居民)of Ontario;and they are members of a household that meets the income eligibility requirements.

How long is a client(当事人)eligible for service

Up to one benefit year(August 1st to July 31st) ,or 12 months from the date of registration or up to their 18th birthday.

How to apply

Visit Ontario,ca/healthysmiles or visit your local Public Health Unit.

If you have any questions f please call the ServiceOntario INFOline toll﹣free at:

ServiceOntario toll﹣free:1﹣844﹣296﹣6306

ServiceOntario TTY toll﹣free:1﹣800﹣387﹣5559 416﹣327﹣4282(TTY Toronto only)

Once a child's registration has been confirmed,they will receive a Healthy Smiles Ontario dental card.The dental card must be presented to a dental provider at each visit to receive dental care under the Program.

Who may apply online

To apply online you will have to:

Enter your Social Insurance Number

Sign and mail a completed Consent Form within 30 days of submitting an online Application.

(1)What can Healthy Smiles Ontario program offer?     

A.Overall physical examination.

B.Prevention of dental disease.

C.Regular check﹣up for babies.

D.Life﹣long free oral treatment.

(2)What is the age range required by Healthy Smiles Ontario program?     





(3)What must a client do at each visit to the dental care?     

A.Apply online.

B.Make an appointment.

C.Present the dental card.

D.Enter Social Insurance Number.

12.(8分)Many students have trouble sitting quietly.They play with pencils,talk out of turn,and jump to do things before thinking.Others can sit still but find it hard to focus on classwork.They may daydream,struggle to organize their work and forget to do assignments.

Most people feel restless or unglued from time to time,but some feel this way almost all the time.Nearly one out of ten kids have ADHD(Attention﹣Deficit /Hyperactivity Disorder).But ADHD does not have to be a roadblock to achievement.Here,two professionals in their fields share the secrets of their success.

Astronaut Scott Kelly has flown on four space tasks,including one that lasted close to a year.But when he was growing up,he had trouble focusing in school.As a result,he earned low grades.441 read a novel in college about the space program.The book motivated me to study harder and become a much better student and eventually,an astronaut.The lesson I learned was:Don't give up on yourself.Find something or someone that motivates you and use that to help motivate yourself.

Figure skater Zachary Donohue placed fourth for ice dancing at the 2018 Winter Olympics.In elementary school,Zachary had a hard time making friends because his classmates thought he was wild,overly excitable and lacking orderly continuity."A lot of very successful people have ADHD,so wear it with pride.When I was 16,I realized that it was OK for me to be different than others.Now,at 27,I'm learning to understand my own feelings.I still struggle with ADHD,but I've learned that I'm responsible for more than just myself.I've learned how important it is to be organized and to be a step ahead."

(1)The author may agree that     .

A.failure is the mother of success

B.nothing can stand in the way of success

C.the secrets of success should be shared

D.people with ADHD are more likely to succeed

(2)What contributes to Scott Kelly's success?     

A.Living with ADHD.

B.The lessons on astronomy.

C.His great interest in space.

D.The motivation from his grades.

(3)What does Zachary Donohue do with ADHD?     

A.He faces it responsibly.

B.He views it differently.

C.He takes advantage of it.

D.He sees it as a disadvantage.

(4)How is the passage mainly developed?     

A.By examples.

B.By comparison.

C.By explanation.

D.By classification.

13.(8分)A designer is recently creating floral installations(花篮)on the streets of Manhattan,New York,that are meant to brighten the days of healthcare and other important workers.

Lewis Miller's most recent creation is an arrangement popping out of a rubbish can at the corner of W 58th Street and 10th Avenue."They were very simple.It was just cherry branches." Miller said."We didn't disclose the location(位置)so nobody could necessarily go and find them." But plenty of people did find them and then they found his Instagram information.A post with pictures of the "flower flash" as Miller calls them has gotten more than 16,000 likes in less than a day."Listen,Pm kind of bored.I'm a creative person.I did something new and it took off," Miller said."It still surprises me reading the comments from yesterday like really how much it feeds peopled souls."

Miller has been dotting Manhattan with floral sunrises for a few years with his arrangements popping out of those New York City hot dog carts(推车)and even construction equipment.

"And the combination of which is so hard aggressive,compared with flowers which are the exact opposite of that," Miller said.

Vogue magazine once wrote about him but it's the reaction from the public many of whom have been restricted inside for weeks that he values most.

"If you can just stop,pause and just have one second of joy ﹣ that's amazing because that's one of the things that's so lacking and it's hard," Miller said.

As one person on Instagram put it,New York City rubbish has never looked so pretty.

(1)Who are the floral installations mainly intended for?     

A.Medical workers.

B.Busy pedestrians.

C.Cleaning staff.

D.Very important persons.

(2)What do the citizens think of Miller's idea of the floral installations?     





(3)The design is creative because     .

A.it is simple

B.it is made of rubbish

C.it pops out of a rubbish can

D.it is the symbol of New York City

(4)Which of the following can be the best title for the passage?     

A.Street Art

B.A Big Surprise

C.Lewis Miller's Creation Is Amazing

D.Flower Flash Brightens Streets

14.(8分)One of the most traditional British holidays is the seaside holiday.Typically,families travel to British seaside towns.

In the late 1970s,air travel became affordable for the average family,and more and more British people started travelling abroad for their summer holidays.After all,the British weather isn't very good,even in summer.

In the 1980s and 1990s,British young people became more wealthy.They started to go abroad in groups.Once at their destination they socialised with other young people and had one long party.

British holidaying habits have begun to change,however.The UK now has a warmer climate than before,so people don't always feel they need to go overseas.Also,the world seems a less certain place as interconnected economies(经济)rise and fall,which means that the cost of foreign holidays is less predictable than before.The domestic(国内的)tourism industry ﹣ when people go on holiday in their own country ﹣﹣is healthier than it has been in decades.UK newspapers have even invented a new word:a "staycation".

In some ways,therefore,the UK has come full circle.There is now an increased appreciation among Britons for the diversity of the UK.It is not just the geography,which ranges from the flat fens(沼泽)of East Anglia to the valleys of Wales to the mountains of Scotland,which is diverse.And it is not just the diversity of climate﹣based activities on offer,which range from surfing in the warm southwest of England,to hillwalking and skiing in the north,it is also the diversity of the cultures in the UK that is beginning to be of interest to domestic tourists.People forget sometimes that there are different accents,languages,traditions,cuisines and peoples across all the parts of the UK.

(1)Why do more British people take their holidays in their own country?     

A.The Internet makes them closer.

B.They are wealthier and more sociable.

C.The global climate is getting much warmer.

D.The expense on foreign holidays is unsteady.

(2)What does the underlined word "staycation" in Paragraph 4 refer to?     

A.A vacation spent at home.

B.A healthier style of living.

C.A new way to spend holiday.

D.A fashionable tourism industry.

(3)Which is the best heading that matches Paragraph 5?     

A.Flights of fancy.

B.Sun,sea and sand.

C.The length and width.

D.Footloose and fancy﹣free.

(4)What's the purpose of the author in writing the passage?     

A.To prove the UK has diverse scenery.

B.To show the UK starts to discover itself.

C.To tell the development of the United Kingdom.

D.To explain why the British spend holidays inland.


15.(10分)Each summer,Craig Stihler and Jack Wallace,scientists for the state of West Virginia hike to Peacock Cave to count Virginia big﹣eared bats.(1)      They want to see if the number of bats is going up or down.

I was there to learn about the bats for my book.After we arrived at the small entrance to Peacock Cave,Craig and Jack unpacked their equipment.Crale said,"(2)     Hibernating(冬眠)bats may be awakened and fly around and burn up the fat they've stored in their bodies.Without that food supply,they might not live until spring when they can eat insects again.And bat mothers may drop their babies."

As night settled in,they set up a night﹣vision scope(观察仪器).(3)     They also set up a radio﹣like bat detector outside the cave.It picks up bat sounds that our ears can't hear.For the next two hours,Craig counted the bats by speaking into a handheld voice recorder each time five bats flew out of the cave.By the time the last bat left the cave at about 10:30 p.m.,Craig and Jack had counted 1,242 bats!(4)     Craig explained that when the first count was taken at Peacock Cave in 1983,there were only 160 Virginia big﹣eared bats.Projects to help protect bats have helped the bats make a remarkable comeback.Today the total number of Virginia big﹣eared bats there are more than 25,000.

(5)     They will continue to need human's help if they are going to survive into the future.

A.Why do they do so?

B.It allows them to see the bats in darkness.

C.Virginia big﹣eared bats are medium﹣sized.

D.Bats are important because they eat insects.

E.They want to catch some bats for their research.

F.Bats living in caves can suffer if disturbed by people.

G.That was the most Craig and Jack had ever counted there.

第三部分语言知识运用(共两节,满分30分)第一节(共1小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出可以填人空白处 的最佳选项.

16.(30分)This was what all of the training and pain was about ﹣winning.I watched TV to see the(1)     runner AVHO had been under my(2)      for the last few years.I would have been(3)     had it not been for the traffic problem.(4)      the young runner enter the(5)     of thousands of people,I could not help thinking of the(6)      that he had(7)      in his training.

The young runner was(8)      considered to be promising when he first came to me.There were(9)      training sessions(训练课)full of pain for him.I had seen tiredness(10)     on his face.I had been(11)     about his anger and pain.It was clear that only hard work could(12)      him success.I had(13)     to myself when I found that he had too much passion( 热情)to give up.And he would keep up the training until he reached achievement.I had never forgot to(14)      him that regardless of the(15)     he had to keep on practice.

The thunderous shouts arid cheers(16)      me back to the(17)     .The young runner was gaining speed! He was running to the finish line.He was strong enough to(18)      other runners.His courage,heart and discipline(纪律)together with his years of practice won him the honor.Tears(19)      down my cheeks when I found on the screen the young runner was looking around.I understood at once that he was looking for me.For years,lie had become so used to my(20)     ,success or failure.









(3)A.on the spot

B.on the air

C.in no way

D.in the meanwhile













(7)A.gone through

B.put lip with

C.got rid of

D.brought up





















































第二节(共1小题;每小题1 _5分,满分15分)阅读下面短文,在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式.

17.(15分)Some people just can't keep from giving.That was the way it was with my neighbour.Although disabled,she was very active.In fact,she did more for the community(社区)every day(1)      I ever do in a year's time.

I was always amazed at the pace she kept.On Mondays and Fridays,she worked at a college giving students guidance so that they could have a good(2)     (choose) of career.On Tuesdays and Thursdays she helped out as a volunteer to give aid to people without(3)     (home).And on the weekends,she(4)     (teach) local kids who needed extra help with their schoolwork.And most(5)     (important),she always had a positive attitude.I don't remember once(6)     (hear) her complaints about her troubles.(7)      stresses of everyday life seemed lo make her look for every occasion she could find(8)     (spread) her good humor around instead(9)     bothering her.I remember when I had just lost my job,she spent a day with me and listened to me.She never became impatient with my complaints.

What I regret now(10)     (be) not having ever really done anything for her.I suppose she never needed it.



增加:在缺词处加一个漏词符号(^ ),并在其下面写出该加的词.





My mother works as doctor in No.1 People's Hospital.She is devoted to her work and treats her patients kind.It's said that she sometimes pay for the cost of medicine and treatment for some poor patients.Many people praise her for her great virtue or her excellent medical level,she is always busy cared for her patients and often works overtime.Sometimes I can't see her at home for several day.Once I complained to her because of she hardly had time to accompany myself.She smiles and told me that her patients were most important than our family members.








Dear Mr.Black,



Li Hua








第三部分语言知识运用(共两节,满分30分)第一节(共1小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出可以填人空白处 的最佳选项.


第二节(共1小题;每小题1 _5分,满分15分)阅读下面短文,在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式.

17.than;choice;homes;taught;importantly;hearing;The;to spread;of;is;


18.   ;


19.   ;



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