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第一部分:阅读理解(共两节,满分 40 分)第一节 (共 15 小题:每小题 2 分,满分 30 分)


Places to Spend Christmas in Canada

    Quebec City

    Quebec City would be a great place to spend the holidays,with stone streets,soft white snow,and some of the most historic and striking architecture in Canada.And there's a lot going on in the capital of La Belle Province,including an authentic German Christmas market where you can drink hot wine and look for gifts,and the chance to meet Santa Claus himself at Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac Hotel.


    In St.John's,Newfoundland,people would disguise themselves in whatever small objects they could find in their homes and show up on their neighbors' doorsteps singing,dancing and celebrating,and not removing their masks until the neighbors correctly guessed their identities.This fun and festive tradition lives on with an annual Christmas festival,complete with workshops and a big parade that shows these simple disguises.

    Niagara Falls,Ontario

    The illumination(照明)of the magnificent waterfalls is part of Niagara Falls' annual Winter Festival of Lights,which sees more than three million lights lighted throughout the city.There are also weekly fireworks over the falls during the whole festival,and a number of other festive events,including musicals,shopping fairs and concerts.


    There are few bigger thrills than being a kid at Christmas,especially if you live in Saskatoon.A recent study by the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management found that Saskatoon has the highest number of candy and toy stores,in the country,and a very good probability of having snow on December 25.It's the perfect combination for a magical Christmas! Grownups will also appreciate the booming food scene.


(1)Which place will you go if you are interested in historic buildings?     

A.Quebec City.


C.Niagara Falls.


(2)What is special about Niagara Falls,Ontario during Christmas?     





(3)Who will be the most excited at Christmas in Saskatoon?     




D.Senior citizens.

2.(8分)One man's white bread is another man's green vegetables.

    That's the key from The Personalised Diet,a new book from Israeli authors Eran Segal and Eran Elinav.The authors say it's time to admit to ourselves that onesizefitsall diets don't work,and when it comes to nutrition,it's about doing what works best for your body,not catching the latest diet fashion.

    "For years,we've been trying to search for that silverbullet diet and we've been miserably failing," Segal said."And that's because the best diet for each person really has to be tailored to that individual."

    They conducted a personalised nutrition project at Weizmann,where hundreds of volunteers agreed to have their blood sugar tested after meals.One participant in the study,a woman named Ruti,said she was surprised that it was tomatoes not ice cream or candies  that were raising her blood sugar level.Ruti recalled,"I have now significantly reduced my intake of tomato and I'm feeling much more energetic,which still surprises me.I have already lost a couple of pounds,and I have high hopes that I have finally found the answer to my weight struggle,too."

    The Israeli scientists found that some people can consume traditionally unhealthy foods with little or no rise in their blood sugar levels,while others have a stronger response,and therefore shouldn't eat those foods.It's those kinds of results that you can only find from a personalised diet.

"What we were surprised to find out was just like any other food,there is no such thing as good bread," Elinav said."The response to bread was completely individualised."

(1)What is suggested in the first sentence?     

A.Everyone has their own tastes.

B.Nutrition serves your body best.

C.People's response to the same food is different.

D.The latest diet doesn't fit each person.

(2)What does "that silverbullet diet" refer to?     

A.A diet that is low in fat.

B.A diet that begins a new diet trend.

C.A diet that works best for everyone.

D.A diet that provides all the nutrition.

(3)Ruti's example suggests that to control weight,one needs to     .

A.eat much fewer tomatoes

B.control their blood sugar levels

C.struggle for weight loss constantly

D.eat according to his or her blood sugar level

(4)Why is Elinav's opinion on bread mentioned in the last paragraph?     

A.To advise people not to eat unhealthy food.

B.To stress the need of the personalised diet.

C.To explain the popularity of white bread.

D.To show the importance of good bread.

3.(8分)Before you throw your trash into the nearest can,think for a moment.Not all your garbage can be dumped into one trashcan.It needs to be sorted out with different things going into different bins.Waste classification,a practice that has long been normal in developed countries like Japan,is the new challenge for many Chinese urban residents.However,though initially you might need to rack your brains (绞尽脑汁) to figure out which trash goes into which can,in the long run,the result is well worth the effort.

    Landfills,sites where waste is buried and covered over with soil,are a major method of disposing of residential waste in China.However,considering the environmental disaster associated with burying waste,there is a pressing need to reduce the amount of waste that goes into a landfill.Classification,sorting waste into different categories such as harmful waste,recyclables and kitchen waste,is a key solution.

    Currently,46 cities across China,are carrying out a program that aims to put in place a classificationbased garbage disposal system by the end of 2020.It is hoped that this will reduce the quantity of waste that ends up in landfills by a large degree.Shanghai came into the media focus in early July after it carried out compulsory garbage sorting rules that those who fail to dispose of garbage properly should be fined.Beijing is reviewing its regulations to follow in Shanghai's footsteps.The new rules may cause shortterm inconvenience but they are meant to help residents follow the concept of garbage classification for the common good.

    As the programs show,residents can gradually develop this habit with their growing awareness and the help of advanced technology.In future,this practice should be adopted across China,in urban cities and rural areas alike.With public involvement,China's garbage sorting program will contribute not only to the nation's sustainable (可持续的) development but also to making the planet a better place to live in.

(1)What is the most probable reason for classifying waste?     

A.No site for burying waste.

B.People's habit.

C.Economic cost.

D.Environmental pollution.

(2)What is the purpose of the program?     

A.To practise waste classification.

B.To protect environment.

C.To save oil for farming.

D.To reduce the quantity of waste.

(3)What can be a suitable title for the text?     

A.A program adopted across China.

B.Shanghai carried out new disposal rules.

C.Doing the best with waste.

D.Protecting environment is necessary.

(4)What is likely to happen in China according to the text?     

A.China will become the leading country of the program.

B.The program will be spread nationwide.

C.Development in rural areas will make great progress.

D.People will help develop modern technology.

4.(8分)Plants on Earth have grown for hundreds of millions of years,yet President Donald Trump's pick to lead his new climate team insists that they need more carbon dioxide (CO2)to boom.

    Princeton physicist and carbon dioxide advocate William Happer has been selected to head the brand new Presidential Committee on Climate Security.The atomic scientist,who achieved recognition for his work on atomic collisions (原子碰撞),not climate science,declared that the planet's atmosphere needs significantly more CO2,which is reported to speed up climate change.Happer said plants use CO2 to live and more CO2 is actually a benefit to the Earth.He also stressed that Earth is experiencing a "CO2 starvation",and concludes that "If plants could vote,they would vote for coal."

    Earth and plant scientists,however,find Happer's insistence that the plant kingdom would benefit from increased CO2 wrongheaded and it lacks evidence.For example,Earth's CO2 levels have increased sharply in the last century,and are now at their highest levels in at least 800,000 years  though other measurements show CO2 levels are higher than they've been in 15 million years."The idea that increased CO2 is universally beneficial ‘to plants' is very misguided," Jill Anderson,an evolutionary ecologist specializing in plant populations,said in an interview.Data shows the evolution of global average temperature and CO2 concentration from 1850 to 2019.Though 2019 is a bit cooler than recent years,it is still one of the warmest years ever and lies close to the trend line of global warming.

    Both independent academic organizations and government agencies around different parts of the world concluded more CO2 will bring many negative impacts to plant environments.And they added that "If someone is going to claim it is good,it's necessary for them to show evidence."

(1)Why does Happer think plants need more CO2?     

A.Plants vote for more CO2.

B.CO2 speeds up climate change.

C.Plants need more CO2 to live.

D.CO2 is actually a benefit to the Earth.

(2)What can be inferred from Paragraph 3?     

A.2019 is a bit warmer than recent years.

B.CO2 levels must be the highest in history.

C.The plant kingdom must benefit from increased CO2.

D.There are adequate evidence to support Happer's insistence.

(3)What does the underlined word "it" in the last paragraph probably refer to?     

A.More CO2.

B.The plant.

C.The world.

D.The US government.

(4)The author's attitude in writing this passage can be described as     .





第二节 (共1小题;每小题10分,满分10分)根据短文内容,从短文后的七个选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项.选项中有两项为多余选项.


Easy Ways to Give Yourself a Fresh Start

    It doesn't need to be complicated or challenging to turn a fresh page on each new day.

    Whenever we mark a new yearby turning the calendar,returning to school or celebrating a holidaywe are looking for a fresh start.(1)     But how? Here are some easy ways to connect with that feeling of starting fresh,whether it's a new year or simply a new day in our life.

    (2)     This means you have realized what serves your life now and what can stay in your past.Or invest in a new pen and a new notebook.Having fresh supplies can stimulate even the common task of creating your todo list.

    Moreover,you can learn something new by opening a book you've been expecting to read,searching a question that's been on your mind,enrolling in a class that motivates your interest.Of course you can simply ask a friend for a fresh idea about an issue.(3)     

    Take a break from technology for an hour,a day,or a week.(4)     You should be able to put some space between yourself and digital routines.

    One reason we sometimes struggle to start fresh is that you get stuck reflecting on worrisome thoughts about the past,the future or even the present.(5)     Allow these thoughts into your day only at a brief(30 minutes or less),specific time.The rest of the time,focus on what you are doing that is new and positive.

    How do you give yourself that "fresh start" feeling?

A.Electronic Products might not be serving you best.

B.Newness or the freshness can guide us on a positive path.

C.Limit your daily "worry time" and make an appointment with yourself.

D.All of us enjoy newness,but what is it that leads to a sense of freshness?

E.Realizing your past mistakes,you should move forward with enthusiasm.

F.Increasing your knowledge on any topic means taking your mind into a fresh area.

G.First,even letting go of a single box or bag of items can give you a refreshing sense.

第二部分 语言知识运用 (共三节,满分40分)第一节 完形填空(共1小题;每小题40分,满分40分)

6.(40分)When I was a child my father taught me five words that I've used all my life in my acting career,as a mother,in my business activities.If I (1)     that I was afraid of the dark,or if I seemed worried about meeting new people,Dad would say,"Stand porter to your(2)     ."

    A porter is a gatekeeper,who stands at a door (3)     people in or out.Dad would get me to(4)     myself stopping destructive things such as fearat the door,(5)     saying "Come in" to faith,love and selfassurance.

    As a(n)(6)     ,before I went on camera,I'd make sure anxiety stayed out and confidence in my ability came in.As a mother,when I was(7)     about my children,I would try not to let worry in but would (8)     my mind with trust in them.

    Of course,there were always times I'd (9)     those words.

    In 2019,my husband,Fillmore Crank,and I opened the doors to our own(10)     in North Hollywood.This was a new business venture for us,and it was a lot more(11)     and complicated than we had(12)     .

    We were on call 24 hours a day.Something was always going (13)     .Electricity went on the blink,food wasn't delivered,employees called in sick.Once,a flu epidemic(传染病)(14)     left us with no maids.Fillmore gave me a (15)     : scrub(擦洗) floors or do the laundry.For 10 days I folded enough kingsize sheets to(16)     the whole state of California.

    Then there was the(17)     crisis.The price of gasoline doubled,and tourism in California(18)     .How could we fill our beds? What if we kept losing money? What if we failed? Fear and worry were sneaking in.But I caught them just(19)     .I stood porter.

    I stood in the door of my mind and sent fear packing.

    These days at the hotel,whenever fear tries to(20)     ,I just smile and point to the sign that reads No Vacancy.










































































(19)A.in time

B.on purpose

C.at random

D.by chance





第二节 单项选择(共15题,每小题1分,满分15分)

7.(1分)Please tell me how the accident_____.I am still in the dark.(  )

A.came by.B.came out.C.came to.D.came about

8.(1分)There are so many people that he has to ____________ his way through them.(  )


9.(1分)It is not known yet how these huge stones were  __________over a distance of 380 kilometers.(  )



10.(1分)It's very dangerous to be ____ to the novel coronavirus without any protection.(  )


11.(1分)Ecigarette companies are ordered to close their stores and _____ ads online for the sake of young people.(  )

A.bring about.B.put up.

C.take down.D.hold out

12.(1分)England is the largest of the four countries and ___________it is divided roughly into three zones.(  )

A.in convenience.B.with convenience.

C.for convenience.D.at convenience

13.(1分)Last night Bill returned from his office to find his sister______ unconsciously beside the sofa.(  )

A.lying.B.laid.C.laying.D.to lie

14.(1分)Do you think it ______ to argue with them?

The question is not worthy ______.(  )

A.worth; discussing.

B.worthwhile; to be discussed.

C.worthy; to be discussed.

D.worth; to be discussed

15.(1分)A wellwritten composition__________ a good choice of words and clear organization among other things.(  )

A.calls on.B.calls for.C.calls up.D.calls off

16.(1分)_____ the free tickets,I would not have gone to the films so often.(  )

A.If it is not.B.Were it not for.

C.Had it not been for.D.If it had not been

17.(1分)Although ____________ to stop,he kept on working.(  )


C.having told.D.told

18.(1分)If you________yourself to the textbook,you'll find the question is no more difficult.(  )


19.(1分)Nowadays,many people struggle to maintain the______balance between work and family.(  )


20.(1分)He was so fat that he could only just _______ the door.(  )

A.squeeze into.B.squeeze through.

C.get into.D.enter through

21.(1分) Why does she always ask you for help?

There is no one else        ,is there?(  )

A.who to turn to.B.for her to turn.

C.for whom to turn.D.she can turn to

第三节 语法填空(共1小题;每小题20分,满分20分)

22.(20分)China has been selected to host the World Skills Competition in Shanghai in 2021,an event it hopes to use for building a stronger team of skilled workers nationwide and to improve international (1)     (exchange) in technical skills.Hosting the event will help guide the whole society (2)     (respect) the spirit of skilled workmanship.It will also help create (3)     social atmosphere of respecting labor and admiring skill.China has 165 million skilled workers,including 47.9 million who are classed as highly skilled.They were first classified by the government in 2003.They(4)     (include) as one of the major Satelevel talent groups along with theoretical scientists in 2015,(5)     (mark) a significant rise in their social status.

    China's (6)     (early) modern skills training can date back to the Qing Dynasty.It was in 1866 (7)     the Foochow Shipbuilding Institution in Fujian province was established.In 1978,the adoption of the reform ad openingup policy highlighted a shortage of(8)     (talent) technicians.As a result,the number of students at technical institutes rose sharply.More recently,technical education (9)     (receive) greater support from the central government to help shape the nation's producing power.Every year,more than 100 million people have access(10)     technical education and training.

第三部分 写作(共两节,满分10分)第一节 短文改错(满分10分)








There are many persons who help me a lot,among whom are my English teacher,Miss Liu.I still remember being asked in his class,but I fail to answer the question.I was so embarrassed that I burst into tear.She didn't blame for me.Instead,she encouraged me with a smile,saying best way to face failure was to keep try and that no success could be achieved without failure.That she said struck me deep at that time,which made me study much harder than before.Now,as a senior three student,I make it my motto: Never give up,or you'll succeed in time.

第二节 书面表达(满分25分)



1 对Jane表示关切;

2 提出合理建议;

3 期望Jane的不适状况早日好转.


Dear Jane,


Yours sincerely

Li Hua