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第一部分 阅读(共两节,满分37.5分)第一节(共4小题;每小题2.5分,满分37.5分)阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项.

1.(7.5分)Humans have a special love for nature and have always been trying to discover nature. In this try,they have discovered many wonderful places across the world.


It is one of the most amazing places of the world in Greece.It is said to be completely destroyed in the 16th century and since then it is rebuilding and it's beauties are increasing with every passing day. The most ideal period of the year to go to this miracle is from pril to September. There are a lot of island in this city and sunbathing around any of these would be an unforgettable experience. There is a natural pool which attracts the tourists from the world.


The ancient city of Rome in Italy is also called the center of western civilization. This city was discovered in 753 BC. The coliseum in Rome is the world's most iconic (标志性的) monument. There is no one who wishes to return from Rome without seeing this monument. Moreover, the Pantheon and Pizza Navona are also places worth visiting in Rome.


The city of Barcelona is a good mixture of modern as well as ancient Roman civilization. It is also famous due to the Olympic Games that take place in it. It is much like a big village with enjoyable streets for walking.


The Turkish city of Istanbul is a beautiful and fascinating place to visit in lifetime. This city joins Asian and European civilizations. It is also an old city with the old name of Constantinople. It is the cultural, economical, historical center of Turkey.

(1)Which city connects two continents?     

A. Santorini

B. Rome

C. Barcelona

D. Istanbul

(2)What many tourists prefer to do in Barcelona?     

A. Go out for sunbathing.

B. Wander along the streets.

C. Visit the famous monument.

D. Appreciate historical attraction.

(3)What do the four places have in Common?     

A. They are cities with an ancient history.

B. They are surrounded with many islands?

C. They are the origins of human civilization.

D. They are located in the center of their countries.

2.(10分)Rock band kiss has played for millions of people around the world over more than four decades.But today,Kiss perform for a new type of audience in water off the coast of Australia:great white sharks.

The concert, presented by Airbnb, is part of a 12 hour tour to an offshore location near Port Lincoln, Australia, which is known as a feeding ground for great white sharks. Rather than using the traditional "chum"﹣﹣﹣ fish parts and blood in the water to attract the sharks﹣﹣﹣organizers hope the music will draw them in.

This admittedly "over﹣the﹣top experience" was created "to educate people and show them that sharks are worthy respects, and protection," according to Airbnb. Throughout the day, concert goers will observe sharks and other marine life in their natural habitat.

The on﹣going, driving boat of rock music﹣ especially the dense, base thrumming beats of hard rock and heavy metal﹣ can attract wild sharks in the open ocean, as Matt﹣ Waller, shark tour operator and owner of adventure Bay Charters in Australia, discovered in 2011.

Waller had heard from a shark tour colleague who experimented with underwater speakers that the sharks behaved differently in the presence of music﹣particularly rock music. Over time, Waller tried many types of music, with varying degrees of success in attracting sharks. In 2015, when the Discovery Channel filmed Waller playing heavy metal underwater, the music attracted the attention of two great white sharks: one was 12 feet long, and one was 14 feet long.

Now, Waller is partnering with Airbnb lo broadcast Kiss' music to great whites. While the Kiss show is certainly an unusual approach for bringing people and sharks together, perhaps the common ground of rock and roll will encourage a greater awareness of sharks as creatures that are vital to ocean ecosystems and deserving of respect rather than fear. Waller told Live Science.

(1)Why does kiss hold the concert?     

A. To confirm a former experiment

B. To change human attitudes to music.

C. To introduce the sharks to the public.

D. To encourage positive awareness of sharks.

(2)What does the underlined word "them" in Paragraph 2 refer to?     

A. The performers.

B. The concertgoers.

C. The sharks.

D. The tourists.

(3)Which of the following may Matt Waller agree?     

A. Shark tours should be prohibited.

B. Rock music can attract wild sharks.

C. Humans should keep away from sharks.

D. The Kiss approach is not worth following.

(4)What can be the best title of the text?     

A. Great White Sharks Get a Concert from Kiss.

B. Rock Band Kiss Holds a Concert in Australia.

C. Great White Sharks Care about Music.

D. Airbnb Comes into Rock﹣roll Market.

3.(10分)Today is Friday the 13th of the year. Even though the date is known throughout Western culture as one associated with negative things, it's really just another Friday on the calendar. There is no scientific evidence to suggest this day has an increased chance of bad occurrences compared with other days. But that doesn't mean scientists haven't tried to find any.

In Thomas W. Lawsons 1907 novel. Friday, the Thirteenth a businessman takes advantage of the superstition(迷信)and creates a Wall Street panic on the day. The book was the likely inspiration for a number of scientific examinations of stock market returns on Fridays that fell on the 13th day of the month compared with all other Fridays. In 2001, business professor at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, published his analysis of a few of those studies and found several flaws. The studies had narrow assessments overall, focusing on just a few markets or a single stock exchange. But when he analyzed the data as a whole, Lucey found that internationally, with few exceptions returns on Friday the 13th were typically just a little higher than returns on other Fridays.

The scientific evidence for cause and effect may not be there but people may still alter their behavior on Friday the 13th in a way that causes certain things to happen. The way people drive might be different from their usual. But the few studies that have examined traffic accidents haven't found statistically significant trends to suggest Friday the 13th is more dangerous than other Fridays on the road.

The science is clear:Friday the 13th is a normal day.Yet,people continue to think this is meant to be a bad day."Psychologically,superstitions arise from the desire to influence external events,decrease anxiety and reduce uncertainty," said Neil Dagnall,a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University.Besides,I don't think people know often why they do things."

(1)Why is Friday the 13th usually associated with negativity?     

A. The date increases possibility of risk.

B. Scientists have found enough evidence.

C. Culture has taught its people to believe so.

D. Things always go bad or worse on the day.

(2)What did Brian's Lucey's studies focus on?     

A. Novels relating to Friday the 13th.

B. Written records of Wall Street panic.

C. Analysis of successful business cases.

D. Stock market returns on Friday the 13th.

(3)In Paragraph 3, the few studies are mentioned to show that     .

A. human fear of Friday the 13th is no1 necessary.

B. traffic accidents can be avoided on other Fridays.

C. people tend to behave strangely on Friday the 13th.

D. staying at home is recommended on Friday the 13th.

(4)What does Neil Dagnall think of superstitions?     

A. They can lead the endless human desires.

B. They can help people to reduce anxiety.

C. They cause great harm to physical health

D. They produce a sense of controlling everything.

4.(10分)Many hobbies are suitable for transforming into a side business, or even a fully developed one. Even though it can take some time to establish yourself in most of these markets, it's usually well worth the effort in the long run. However, there are various considerations you'll need to make along the way.

First things first﹣﹣﹣just because you're good at something it doesn't mean it's a good idea to start a business around it. Some hobbies are just that hobbies, and they don't have a serious potential for anything more than that.You may be the best at making mini house from matches, but how many of those have been sold over the last couple of months? Do enough research beforehand to verify that there are actually enough people out there who would have an interest in buying your product or service in the first place.

Once the business is up and running,you'll need to spend the word yourself.Don't expect people to come rushing through your doors.Promotion is something that you'll ideally start thinking about before you've even set up the company.It's a highly individual process and depend on the kind of product you're selling,your local area,as well as the resources you have available for your business.But no matter how much you can afford on promotion,it's something that must always be the most important until you've established yourself properly.

Once you're there, things will start flowing more smoothly. But you'll still have to keep your marketing game active because it's easy to get overtaken by your competitors if you're not careful.Make sure that you are always pushing hard on that front and consider experimenting with some more recent solutions as well.

(1)What does the author advise in Paragraph 1?     

A. Setting up a side business as a try.

B. Coming up with some creative ideas.

C. Doing research on a potential market.

D. Taking a serious hobby into consideration.

(2)What does the underlined word "verily" in Paragraph 2 probably mean?     

A. Illustrate.

B. Check.

C. Announce.

D. Indicate.

(3)What can be learned from Paragraph 3?     

A. Not everyone can afford business promotion.

B. Advertisement is not necessary in your local area.

C. Resources play an important role on product sale.

D. Promotion is a key factor to business development.

(4)What does the text mainly tell us?     

A. Taking up your own hobbies.

B. Setting up a successful business.

C. Turning your hobby into a business.

D. Establishing yourself in the market.


5.(12.5分)My dad passed away yesterday and I am processing everything. It's hard to try and find positivity in my pain, but my Dad taught me so much when he was healthy, and when he wasn't I wanted to share some of the lessons.

Be on the phone less. This one seems strange but in his final moments I was all in, no checking my phone because it really didn't matter(1)     This was a moment I needed to remember and I would have regretted it if I was distracted in this part of his journey.

(2)     Sometimes we need people to lean on. My mom and dad needed a lot of help. I needed a lot of help. We were surrounded by people willing to help us and instead of shutting them out like we've done in the past, we let them in and it was exactly what we needed.

Not everyone will understand your experience.(3)     Just knowing people are here for us means a lot, but I also know that no one will fully understand my experience and that's okay as we are all different.

Family is not necessarily the people who brought you into this world.I am adopted and I know we chose each other.(4)      I loved my father very much.

There's nothing more important than being with the ones you love.I was able to hold my Dad when he took his last breath.My Mom and I made sure that my Dad knew he was loved through his journey.(5)      Everything else is secondary.

A. all that mattered was him.

B. Love is what truly matters.

C. Surround yourself with a support system.

D. And he loved me more than anyone on this Earth.

E. It's okay not to understand the reason for everything.

F. Really, we can handle more than we ever thought possible.

G. This was a long and hard journey for my mom and me and all of those who care about us.

第二部分 语言运用(共两节,满分15分)第一节(共1小题;每小题15分,满分15分)阅读下面短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项.

6.(15分)When Erik Kiel launched Peer2Peer Tutor, at age 16, his idea was(1)     : students can help other students succeed(2)     .

Kimel runs what he calls a for﹣profit business with a (n)(3)      mission. Peer2Peer hires high school tutors (家教)from local communities to teach students(4)     the same community(5)      the students go on the same schools. "It works(6)      the environment is the same.The tutor may have even had the same teacher.It's firsthand, and you are able to use those,I know what it's like to be in your shoes type of(7)     ." Kimel said.

Kimel's business has a track record of(8)     . Last school year,his tutors taught students at a Maryland elementary school. After three academic quarters,60 percent of the students(9)     their grades improved by at least one letter grade.

The business offers a badly needed(10)      opportunity for the young people.Tutors make at least double the minimum wage in their(11)      and can make as such as $18 an hour. The tutors always(12)      the experience on their college applications.

Kimel also want to(13)     the idea that America's students are under achieving and being out performed by youth in other countries,like China."We've got some pretty(14)      kids in our country," Kimel said. "We(15)      to provide them to opportunities to help students in need."

(1)A. interesting

B. funny

C. normal

D. simple

(2)A. financially

B. academically

C. instantly

D. normally

(3)A. social

B. official

C. secret

D. international

(4)A. beyond

B. across

C. within

D. opposite

(5)A. Anyhow

B. Often

C. Instead

D. Seldom

(6)A. although

B. even if

C. in case

D. because

(7)A. requests

B. statements

C. instructions

D. descriptions

(8)A. luck

B. courage

C. success

D. popularity

(9)A. saw

B. predicted

C. required

D. judge

(10)A. training

B. investment

C. exchange

D. employment

(11)A. school

B. community

C. country

D. home

(12)A. list

B. admit

C. confirm

D. praise

(13)A. establish

B. shift

C. promote

D. share

(14)A. brave

B. confident

C. honest

D. smart

(15)A. need

B. agree

C. choose

D. wait


7.(15分)The first time I saw Kai she was sitting in my front yard, hugging my dog, Harley. She and her husband Sean had just moved into a tiny home down the hill from us. I think she was drawn to Harley's friendly personality just as he was drawn to(1)      (she). From the second time I talked to her I knew Kai would be (2)      best friend. Her smiles made me feel better just (3)      (be)around her. Her high voice was always full of(4)     (happy).

It didn't take long(5)      Kai was loved and respected by everyone in our neighborhood. Children and adults alike visited her home often. Although she already had four cats she adopted another one(6)      had been hurt by a bear and nursed it back to health. When we visited her she would kindly listen to all of our troubles and then say something so wise and cheerful that we would leave her home in high spirits. Sometimes I would read her my stories and she would always encourage me (7)     (keep) writing and sharing with the world.

Kai(8)      (be) a true giver. She didn't have much to share materially but what she gave to others spiritually was(9)      (true) priceless.She died of cancer on a cold winter day(10)      heavy snow falling down like teardrops.












In her seventeen years on this earth, Shreyaa Venkat has done more to help the planet and the people than many adults two, three and four times her age. The non﹣profit organization she founded. NEST1US, has helped tens of thousands of people in the United States.

Venkat's enthusiasm for helping others started as soon as she could walk, as her parents active volunteers themselves, brought her along on their various projects. By fifth grade, she started organizing her own service projects in her community. "I like doing good things but I'd rather do then with friends," she explains. "It brings me so much happiness and joy to help."

NEST4US was born when she realized how much food waste there is, how many hungry people there are. "There was a homeless man standing on a corner in D. C. and he was holding a sign that said ‘Hungry Need Food." she remembers. "So I gave him my lunch﹣ it was just a banana, and a water﹣and his whole face just lit up. I found out he hadn't eaten in a week! It was so easy, it only took me 30 seconds, and it really helped him."

Hunger is just one of the many harsh realities of living on the streets. But the case of this small act inspired her to find a way to get food to the people who need it the most. True, this is a question politicians, community and religious leaders, and others have been wrestling with for thousands of years. But she didn't overthink it; she decided to just act.

Paragraph 1:How would she accomplish this huge task?_________

Paragraph 2:As much as she has helped others, they've helped her too, she says._______