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I. Listening Comprehension (略)

II. Grammar and Vocabulary

Section A 10%                  高三下 lecture 16

Directions: After reading the passage below, fill in the blanks to make the passage coherent and grammatically correct. For the blanks with a given word, fill in each blank with the proper form of the given word; for the other blanks, use one word that best fits each blank.


La Balade des Gnomes, a Perfect Place for Holiday

Are you looking to take a break from your everyday life and relax in a fairy-tale world? If so, there’s probably no (21) ____ (good) place than La Balade des Gnomes, near the town of Durbuy, Belgium. (22) ____ (Feature) ten amazingly-decorated bedrooms and a special suite (套房)designed in the form of a Trojan horse, this place is truly unique.

Formerly an ordinary Belgian farmhouse. La Balade des Gnomes was changed (23) ____ a magical tourist spot by architect and owner Dominic Noel. “The hotel was created by people who have a strong interest in nature,” he says, but anyone with a rich imagination would certainly appreciate (24) ____ special design and decorations as well. The names of the rooms well represent (25) ____ you can expect to see when you walk through the door. A Moon Neighborhood, for example, takes you to a distant future (26) ____ humans can spend their vacation in a hotel on the Moon.

Every room in La Balade des Gnomes hotel was created and decorated by Dominic Noel with the help of local craftsmen, and (27) ____ (offer) visitors a unique experience. But the main attraction of this Belgian spot is the two-story Trojan Horse suite, which actually looks like a giant wooden cow. While it (28) ____ have been inspired by Greek mythology (神话), this beautiful wooden structure actually is covered in medieval (中世纪的)decorations (29) ____ (base) on fairy tales.

(30) ____ you are looking for a special hotel in Belgium, La Balade des Gnomes is a wonderful choice.

21. better   22. Featuring   23. into   24. its / the   25. what   26. when   27. offers   28. may   29. based   30. If  

Section B 10%    高二下 lecture 17

Directions: Fill in each blank with a proper word chosen from the box. Each word can be used only once. Note that there is one word more than you need.


A.brief   B. applying    C. extremely      D. information      E. displayed     F. seeking

G. sketch       H. intelligently    I.served      J. valuable      K. general


Tight-lipped elders used to say, “It’s not what you want in this world,but what you get. ” Psychology teaches that you do get what you want if you know what you want and want the right things.

You can make a mental blueprint for a desire as you would make a blueprint for a house, and each of us is continually making these blueprints in the (31) ____ routine of everyday living. If we intend to invite friends to dinner, we plan the menu, make a shopping list, decide which food to cook first, and such planning is essential for any type of meal to be (32) ____.

Likewise, if you want to find a job, take a sheet of paper,and write a(n) (33) ____ account of yourself. In making a blueprint for a job, begin with yourself, for when you know exactly what you have to offer,you can (34) ____ plan where to sell your services.

This account of yourself is actually a(n) (35) ____ of your working life and should include education, experience and references. Such an account is (36) ____. It can be referred to in filling out standard application blanks and is (37) _____ helpful in personal interviews. While talking to you, your could-be employer is deciding whether your “wares” and abilities must be (38) ____ in an orderly and reasonably connected manner.

When you have carefully prepared a blueprint of your abilities and desires, you have something concrete to sell. Then you are ready to hunt for a job. Get all the possible (39) ____ about your could-be job. Make inquiries into the details regarding the job and the firm. Keep your eyes and ears open, and use your own judgement. Spend a certain amount of time each day (40) ____ the employment you wish for, and keep in mind: Securing a job is your job now.

31-35: KIAHG   36-40: JCEDF

III.Reading Comprehension

Section A 15%          高二下 lecture 9

Directions; For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B,C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context.


Every culture on the planet has certain topics that people avoid discussing. But the taboos (禁忌) of one culture may be very different from those of another. You may be (41) ____ that people from other cultures say what you can’t talk about.

Paying attention to what people don’t (42) ____ can teach us something important about their culture. Their taboo topics give us clues about what they value, respect or even fear. Topics that are considered too personal or too controversial (有争议的)may also be avoided.

America is full of taboo topics. Usually, during a polite conversation, Americans will (43) ____ both politics and religion. They also avoid talking about racial issues.

Why? Because these topics can cause strong opinions and (44) ____. Americans believe it’s best to avoid them—especially at social gatherings.

Many Americans also do not feel (45)  talking about their personal income, age or health. (46) ____,they prefer to make small talks about the weather, sports or common interests.

What do these taboos tell us about American (47) ____? For one, they show that Americans place importance on (48) ____. America certainly isn’t the only place that values it. You will find (49) ____ taboos about asking personal questions in many European countries. “This is especially true in Germany”,says Hanna Graf, a German living in Shanghai. “In Germany, you are not supposed to ask about other people’s personal business,” she says. “But there are no (50) ____ rules about what you can’t ask; it’s just in people’s minds.”

In Brazil, (51) ____,almost anything seems open to discussion. “Brazilians talk about all kinds of personal issues,” says Mark Quinlan, who grew up in Brazil. But of course, even Brazil has its own taboos. In Brazil, soccer is the one topic that can turn friends into enemies. Brazilians love the sport. Saying anything (52) ____ about soccer can cause big trouble. Even expressing preference for one team over another can be (53) ____.

Like Brazilians, Australians talk freely about almost anything. However, they do not talk about their personal or business (54) ____. They prefer to let people judge them by their actions, not their words. Boasting your accomplishments will only make you the (55) ____ of other people’s jokes.

And what about your taboos? The next time you have a conversation, pay attention to what isn’t said. You might be amazed at what you learn about your own culture.

41. A. excitedB. surprised C. fascinated D. relieved

42. A.stressB. considerC.desireD,discuss

43. A.rule outB. take toC.touch uponD.focus on

44. A.argumentsB. interactionsC.agreementsD.relationships

45. A.embarrassedB. relaxedC,confusedD.disappointed

46. A.BesidesB. OccasionallyC. FranklyD.Instead

47. A.valuesB. featuresC.statusD.dreams

48. A.cultureB. independenceC. privacyD.freedom

49. A.formalB. uniqueC. similarD.aggressive

50. A.specializedB. writtenC.commonD.basic

51. A.moreoverB. howeverC. thereforeD.anyhow

52. A.importantB. worthlessC.magicalD.negative

53. A.beneficialB. impressiveC. dangerousD.emotional

54. A.achievementsB. secretsC.livesD.failures

55. A.audienceB. designerC. targetD.interpreter

41-45: BDAAB   46-50: DACCB   51-55: BDCAC

Section B 22%

Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B,C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read.


(A)  新高三暑假 lecture 10

Every country has certain cultural patterns making it unique. Of course, habits and customs between cultures and countries tend to overlap (重叠). The popularity of social media, for instance, ignores borders and breaks down cultural differences. Technology has made the world a much smaller and culturally similar place. However, when looking at a foreign country, we will always find differences between our traditions and theirs. Young Italians and young Americans, for example, though alike in many respects, have also some pronounced differences, especially when it comes to work, pastimes and sports.

Most American teens have part-time jobs through high school and college. Youths in Italy tend not to. The reasons behind this are multifaceted. It is, to begin with, rather hard in Italy to find the type of part-time jobs students usually take up. Moreover, there is also a different cultural attitude to take into consideration, especially when thinking of certain parts of Italy. Young Italians like to enjoy life to the full and feel there will be time to work once they become adults, hence the lack of interest in finding odd jobs while still in school. Like the old saying goes, some Italians work to live, while some Americans often live to work.

In a lot of ways, young Italians and Americans spend their free time in a similar fashion. Listening to music, watching movies, hanging out, practicing sports and surfing the Internet are all common ways to pass some free time. Italians, especially, make a point of going out and being social, often choosing between pizzerie or birrerie (place for pizza or beer),which stay open late. Italians often pile into a couple of cars and go out in a big group. In general, American teens participate in a lot of extracurricular (课外的)activities, many often through school, while Italians may not take part in so many.

When going out, Italian teens tend to meet and gather on the streets of their cities or towns, something not as common in the United States, especially in highly populated areas. This very Italian habit can be linked to the urban arrangement of Italian towns. Many of them date back thousands of years and feature central piazzas (广场)and areas built around historical sites that have now become gathering places for the young. If you’re in Italy,don’t be surprised by the sight of hundreds gathered in a piazza or on the street, laughing and drinking the night away.

56. The passage is mainly about __________________.

A.the unique lifestyles shared by American and Italian teens

B.the relationship between young people of America and Italy

C.some customs and habits of the Americans and Italians

D.some differences in tradition between young Americans and Italians

57. By saying “some Italians work to live, while some Americans often live to work”, the author most probably wants to tell us that _________________.

A.Italians have a better life attitude toward working

B.Americans are more diligent and thus live a better life

C.Americans and Italians both find it hard to locate a satisfying job

D.Italians and Americans have different choices regarding work

58. According to paragraph 3,which of the following statements is true?

A.American teens practice sports and surf the Internet to pass time.

B.Italian youth take an active part in extracurricular activities.

C.American teens like to drive out and social together in big groups.

D.Italian youth enjoy pizza and beer because they are cheap.

59. If there is one more paragraph in this passage, what will it most probably be about?

A.The working conditions of the young Americans and Italians.

B.The differences in practicing sports between teens of the two nations.

C.The central piazzas and areas built around historical sites in Italy.

D.The urban arrangement of the highly populated American cities.

56-59: DDAB

(B)   高二下 lecture 17

Troubleshooting: Unable to install the supplied software on a computer

The software supplied with a camera, camcorder (a portable video camera) or personal audio device may not install for the following reasons :

1.The software may not be compatible (兼容)with the computer operating system.

2.The computer does not meet the minimum system requirements for installing the software.

3.Another application or utility is running in the background of the computer and interfering (妨碍)with the installation.

4.Antivirus or spyware software is preventing installation.

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue.

1.Check the instruction manual to determine the minimum system requirements and operating system supported by the software. Instructions for your product are usually available online.

2.Check the specifications of the computer to ensure it meets the minimum system requirements and operating system supported by the software.

3.Download and install all available updates for the computer and software. Software and driver updates for your product are usually available online.

NOTE: An install utility is an application used to assist with the installation of other software. If an install utility is available, follow the online instructions to properly download and install it.

4.Temporarily disable any antivirus or spyware software.

5.Close any software applications or other unnecessary utilities that may be running on the computer.

6.Attempt to install the software and follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: If the software was designed to use an older version of the Windows operating system than what is currently installed on the computer, you can try installing using the compatibility mode.

7.If the software will still not be installed, try installing it using the Safe Mode of the computer as follows:

IMPORTANT: Some bundled (捆绑的)software requires the product to be connected to the computer during the installation process. If your software requires the product to be connected during installation, these steps will not work and should be disregarded.

1.Copy the software to a folder on the computer hard drive.

2.Turn off the computer.

3.Start the computer in the Safe Mode.

4.Locate the folder on the computer hard drive where you copied the contents of the installation CD.

5.Click the INSTALL. EXE or SETUP. EXE icon (图标)to begin the software installation.

6.Restart the computer.


60. Which of the following may be a reason for the failure of the installation of the supplied software?

A.The software is incompatible with the computer operating system.

B.The computer is using the latest Windows operating system.

C.The maximum system requirements are not met for the software.

D.The antivirus software is not running in the background.

61. When you are installing software designed for an older version of the Window operating system. what could be done?

A.You could temporarily disable any running software applications.

B.You could follow the on-screen instructions.

C.You could try installing it using the Safe Mode.

D.You could switch to the compatibility mode.

62. As is listed in the passage, ___________ seems to be the last step which may help troubleshoot the installation problem.

A.using the Safe Mode of the computer

B.turning off and restarting the computer

C.connecting the product to the computer

D.copying the software to a folder on the hard drive

60-62: ADA

(C) 高三下 lecture 16

Sometime in 1885 or 1886,Arthur Conan Doyle was doodling (信手乱涂)on a sheet of paper. Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s Auguste Dupin, he had the idea for a “consulting detective’’,who would also use “the Rules of Evidence” to catch his man. But what would he be called? “Ormond Sacker”? “Sherrinford Holmes”?

Had he settled on either of these alternatives, the modern-day fan clubs would be able to look closely through their magnifying glasses (放大镜)at that historic piece of paper at an exhibition opening at the Museum of London on Friday.

Sherlock Holmes : The Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die is the first major show for the great detective since a Holmes display graced the Festival of Britain in 1951. It's a winningly silly title: there are an unlimited number of men who never lived and will never die, and a very large number of fictional creations of whom the same could also be said. But you can see what they are getting at.

It is likely that the show should take place at the Museum of London. Holmes occupied perhaps London’s most famous imaginary address — 221B Baker Street — and Dr. Watson wrote that his “knowledge of the byways of London was extraordinary”. In the form of his 44Baker Street Irregulars”, he even employed a street-level spy-network of the homeless. London is often described as another character in the stories.

But, as historian David Cannadine points out in a fine, questioning essay in a new book accompanying the exhibition, Holmes’s London is actually only sketchily imagined in the stories. Conan Doyle grew up in Edinburgh,was educated in Lancashire and Austria, and lived in central London for less than a year before moving first to South Norwood, then in short order to Hind head in Surrey and later to Sussex. To move Holmes around the capital, Conan Doyle used contemporary books of street maps and the London Post Office Directory. And he made all sorts of mistakes.

Also, before fan-fiction as we think of it now got under way, the Holmes stories led to a strange academic version of fan-fiction: Holmesians, taking a scholarly interest in the texts almost on the assumption that Holmes and Watson were real historical characters.

It should be noted that Conan Doyle himself didn’t sweat the details. Everything from the location of Watson’s old war wound to his marital situation and the address of his consulting room was distinctly patchy (东拼西凑的).

Holmes is, or might as well be, a magician. In this respect, the modern BBC TV adaptations—whose leaps of tricks I’ve seen complained about — are in keeping with Conan Doyle’s originals.

He’s not the product, not any more, of a single author. And he,s never going to be on the reader’s level—nor that of his friend Dr. Watson. Conan Doyle,s consulting detective is, made by the imaginations of others, a sort of god. And like all the best gods, he is—as the new exhibition’s title indicates—both imaginary and everlasting.

63. What do Auguste Dupin and Sherlock Holmes share in common according to the author?

A.They are both fictional detectives that lived in London.

B.They are both characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle.

C.They both use “the Rules of Evidence” to solve cases.

D.They both use magnifying glasses.

64. According to the passage. the sentence “Holmes’s London is actually only sketchily imagined in the stories” in paragraph 5 means that _____________.

A.London is an important, setting in the Sherlock Holmes stories

B.the city of London in the novel is different from how it really is

C.London is home to the two main characters, Sherlock and Watson

D.the author Conan Doyle made a lot of mistakes when in London

65. The word “Holmesians” in paragraph 6 probably refers to __________.

A.super fans of Holmes

B.scholars interested in Holmes

C.studies about Holmes

D.mysteries concerning Holmes

66. What is the author’s opinion of Sherlock Holmes?

A.He is the most successful imaginary detective in history.

B.He is a god who will be loved by readers of all the time.

C.He is an imaginary character created both by Doyle and readers.

D.He has an extraordinary talent as a detective who gains great popularity.

63-66: CBAC

Section C 8%   高三下 lecture 6

Directions : Read the following passage. Fill in each blank with a proper sentence given in the box. Each sentence can be used only once. Note that there are two more sentences than you need.


A.Having a travel agency help you with all the bookings may be a good choice.

B.It is stressful to find out that you cannot book tickets or hotel rooms for a reasonable price.

C.There’s so much to see when you finally take your annual leave.

D.Visiting Southeast Asia with its impressive beaches.

E.Waiting for a certain time of the year so that you could spoil yourself is wrong.

F.You are useless as a worker if your body does not feel great. 


Seize the day! Live today and stop putting off what you have always dreamt of experiencing. How exciting and fun your life is depends only on you. Traveling is what makes your life complete. Finding balance isn’t easy yet it is worth trying. Enhance your life by going to South America to learn the history of the ancient tribes (部落). (67) ____ Finding out more about European culture or flying to Africa to see the amazing nature. There are hundreds of reasons why you should travel. Here are only three of them:

1.There is no tomorrow — take a break right now. Be unplanned and travel whenever you feel like leaving your daily routine and boredom. (68) ____ It is tiring and exhausting to live according to some schedule. If you need a break now, then simply take it and let yourself enjoy the time. Who told you that the calendar exists to control you? What if it’s time for you to control your own timetable? No need to wait for your scheduled annual break. Make it happen sooner. Your company won’t bankrupt (破产) or disappear if you leave it for a week or two. There are plenty of people who can substitute for you and do your job while you are away. You can do some of it in advance or you can keep it on hold. Here the point is to plan a week ahead.

2.You cannot be a good employee if you are unhappy and tense. Your family suffers too. When your mind is free, you can perform at 200 percent. (69) ____You lose balance and harmony if you experience too much stress, perform a lot of demanding routine and constantly take responsibilities. Take care of yourself. Make sure that your well-being does not suffer.

3.Actually, it does not pay off to go on vacation when the season is in full swing. Prices are usually much higher in this period and you may spend much more money than expected. (70) ____ Hunting for a last minute trip is humiliating (羞耻的), especially when you know you deserve a decent holiday. Spread your vacation days across the year. Isn’t it better to take a few trips a year and visit a new country every time than having one longer trip to one destination?

67-70: DEFB

空格67根据上下文可知正在讲述前往各个地区的意义,由此可循同类项找到答案;空 格68前后正在讲述要及时享受假期,从内容入手能够找到合适的答案,但可能受到干扰项 C 影响,注意段中 No need to wait for your scheduled annual break.恰与 C 选项内容矛盾; 空格69从上下文考虑应该是若不及时休假可能带来的严重后果;空格70所需内容应该与 预定、价格等因素相关,可能受到干扰项A影响,但其内容其实和段首的总起句无关。

IV.Summary Writing 10%   高三下 lecture 16

Directions: Read the following passage. Summarize in no more than 60 words the main idea and the main point(s) of the passage. Use your own words as far as possible.


The Power of iPhone

Though Apple released data last week indicating iPhone sales may, at last, be slowing, one CEO recently explained why he thinks the smartphone has overturned our expectations of basically everything.

Harry West is the CEO of the global design and strategy firm Frog, which works with its clients “to anticipate (预料) the future”. In a conversation with The Huffington Post at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, West credited Apple with transforming the way companies approach consumers and their own employees.

“Way back in the day,” West said, companies marketed their products as “military spec” and “industrial” to take advantage of the impression that these seemingly specialized products were of higher quality than consumer versions. In the 70s, 80s and 90s. this slowly gave way to the rise of “professional” products adapted to businesses and business people.

“That all changed after the coming of the iPhone in 2007,” he said. “Consumers began to use this amazing digital interface (界面),and they liked it. They used it in their personal life and at home, and when they went back to work, they encountered this terrible ‘professional,or ‘industrial’, or ‘enterprise’ product, and they realized how old-fashioned and inconvenient it was. They demanded change.”

That massive shift foreshadowed the downfall of BlackBerry and the weakening of the power of IT departments — and it also forced companies to update the work experience of their employees,according to West.

“Companies need to hire millennials (千禧世代,一般指在 1980 年至 2000年之间出生的人),and millennials refuse to work in these outdated, backward systems,” he said. “Not only is it uncomfortable, but it also indicates something wrong about the company. If your work experience is that old-fashioned, then what else is wrong in the company?”    


71. ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ 

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______


71.(Reference answer)

Harry West, the CEO of the global design and strategy firm Frog, believes that the coming of iPhone has transformed the way companies approach consumers and their own employees: consumers no longer want to use old-fashioned and inconvenient digital products while companies are forced to update their employees,work experience. 


V.Translation 15%

Directions: Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the brackets.


Parents are always willing to give all they have to their children.


On the way to the library, I saw Professor Wang going in the direction of the laboratory.   


To experience different cultures, students are/were encouraged to try some Italian food in the local restaurants.


Now scientists from all over the world worry about/are worried about the destructive effects of the viruses spread by birds.


VI. Guided Writing 25%

Directions: Write an English composition in 120—150 words according to the instructions given in Chinese.

假设你是李红,你的学校即将迎来100周年的校庆,校长就如何举行校庆活动向在校学生广泛征求建议。请你用李红的名义给校长写一封信,就校庆活动提出你的建议,并陈述理 由。信的内容需包括:



Dear Principal,












Yours sincerely,

Li Hong






9 / 10